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Rent due? Spleet's Rent Now, Pay Later gives you access to low interest, no collateral loans up to ₦3,000,000 to finance rent payments.
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Rent Loan Features

No more late fees

There are better ways to spend your hard-earned cash than on expensive late fees. Now, that can be a reality.

Secure data

Our best-in-class software and processes ensure that whatever data you give to us is protected.

Ethical collection

Our collection process follows the path of fairness, compassion and honesty to protect the dignity of all our users.

No collateral

Our mission is to power easier living for everyone in Africa. Collateralising loans defeats that purpose.

You don’t need a collateral to get a rental loan from us we do not require you to pledge an assets such as a house or a car.

Fast and easy process. Get your rent loan in 24 hrs

We know that money is an essential enabler that should elevate your happiness. Which is why Spleet’s rent now pay later has got you covered.

Your money would be deposited 24 hours after verification, directly into your bank account. No lengthy papework and instant processing time.

How it works

3 quick and easy steps to get your rent loan.


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Fill out the KYC details.



We'll verify your identity and cross-reference it against your bank details to protect you from identity theft and other nefarious crimes.


Receive loan

Get paid into any of your Nigerian bank accounts in no time.

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