Finding a home is hard enough, paying rent doesn't have to be

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Need money to pay for rent?

Spleet's Rent Now, Pay Later gives you access to low interest, no collateral loans up to ₦5,000,000 to finance rent payments.

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No collateral. Low interest. Fast and easy.

Our mission is to power easier living for everyone. Collateralising loans defeats that purpose. You do not need a collateral to get a rental loan from us as we do not require you to pledge assets such as a house or a car.

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How it works

3 quick and easy steps to get your rent loan


Apply in minutes

Select a desired apartment from the Spleet Marketplace.


Select payment option

Select 'Pay with RNPL' (Pay with Rent Now Pay Later).



Fill in the necessary details and accept the loan terms and conditions.


Receive loan

Submit the loan request and the space is booked upon completion of the necessary checks.

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Loan Calculator

Min: 50,000


3 Months


12 Months

Note: Interest is calculated using a reducing balance


Frequently asked questions

Get quick answers to all your questions and concerns about Spleet and Spleet homes. Whether as a member, host or just a visitor, we will have an answer waiting for you.

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Rent Now, Pay Later is for everyone looking to rent an apartment on the Spleet Marketplace. Whether you are an existing user or a prospective subscriber, you are eligible to request for rent credit through RNPL.

Yes, you can. Because we want to make renting an easy process for everyone, we always provide reasons why we are unable to give a loan should that be the case. We also strongly encourage people to apply again when they have all the necessary paperwork to meet our requirements.

Rent Now, Pay Later is now live for all current and prospective Spleet members to use. You can apply to rent your next apartment or renew your current Spleet subscription.

We typically encourage people who are renting through Spleet to apply directly for transparency and to increase the possibility of getting a loan through Rent Now, Pay Later.

The interest rate for Rent Now, Pay Later is charged at 4% on the approved amount, but on a reducing balance basis. This means that the overall interest payment you have to make significantly reduces as you consistently pay off your loan even though the interest rate stays the same.

Equity contribution is 15% of the requested amount that the applicant is required to contribute to be eligible for the loan.

You only need one.

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Spleet’s mission is a future where landlords and tenants in Nigeria experience efficient and affordable rental management. Our products help you to find an apartment and pay monthly, carry out due diligence and verify your tenants, request facility management for your property and apply for rental loans. How can we help you today?

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